Family Law Mediation



Lawsuits are complicated, costly, and stressful as they are. But when the issue is divorce, custody, or parenting time, the stress is magnified. Mediation can alleviate some of the strain—if it’s done right. The attorneys of McKinney & Malapit Law are here to walk you through the difficult family law experience.

Hiring a skilled family law mediator places the power to control the outcome of your case back in your hands. It can allow you to resolve your case in a timely manner, can reduce your legal fees, and, probably most importantly, lessen your stress.

Because the costs of mediation are usually shared by the parties, the mediator works to find a resolution for the benefit of all and will not favor one party over the other.

At McKinney & Malapit Law, we subscribe to a modern mediation format that, as appropriate, places the parties in the same room, and sometimes even on the same couch, as the mediator assists them in discussing their issues in respectful discourse. Not only does this help the parties work through the issue at hand, it teaches them how to resolve future issues on their own.

Certified Family Law Mediator