Municipal / Utility Law



Municipal Law

For most Hoosiers, their only interaction with the law occurs at the local level in the area known as municipal law. Municipal law refers to the areas of law that are enacted, enforced, and overseen by the local governmental units in each county. In Indiana, each county has County Commissioners, a County Council, or in the case of cities, a City Council. These municipal units have the power to create ordinances, enact regulations, and issue permits. State statutes give municipalities power to govern land use, taxes, local rules and ordinances, the power over the police and emergency services, education policy, public transportation, utilities, the community parks, paths, and roadways, as well as locally owned small businesses.

Whether it’s applying for a zoning variance, fighting the enforcement of a county ordinance, or trying to obtain contracts from governmental agencies, municipal law affects the everyday lives of anyone who lives within the county.

The attorneys at McKinney & Malapit have years of experience working both as attorneys representing local municipal entities and as attorneys representing individuals privately. We are experienced at navigating local municipal laws and assisting clients in understanding and complying with local zoning, regulatory, and permitting ordinances.

Utility Law

Closely related to municipal law is the area of utility law. The State of Indiana has enacted special statutes that specifically govern the ways the state, county, city, or private companies can provide electrical, gas, water, sewer, and other utility service. Sometimes cities and counties will have competing utility services, and where you live could affect what service you get and how much it costs. There are also large companies with which most Indiana residents will be familiar—such as Vectren, Indiana Michigan Power, and Indiana American Water—that provide utility services to residents throughout the state.

At McKinney & Malapit Law, we have years of experience in the field of utility law. We have advised, represented, and litigated on behalf of municipal utilities in state court, federal court, and before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

If you have been refused service, your service has been wrongfully terminated, or a utility is seeking easements on or through your land, there may be remedies available to you. If you need help understanding, applying for, or initiating utility services to properties or businesses, the attorneys at McKinney & Malapit can assist you.